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Hotifx is out for Horizon Forbidden West error on PC



Horizon Forbidden West has just arrived on PC and apparently Nixxes Software didn't have any major problems porting the game to a new platform. However, a setback with the DualSense has drawn attention and hampered the performance of some players.

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According to reports, the FPS rate was dropping to around 10 FPS in certain situations. There wasn't even time for the community to talk to each other to find a temporary solution. The developer herself took charge of the matter.

Nixxes promptly took note of the requests and released a hotfix to take care of the problem. Check out the post below:

A hotfix for HorizonForbiddenWest on PC is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

This update contains fixes for performance regression when using a wireless DualSense controller and for missing prompts when connecting a controller after launching the game, when using Steam Input.

According to the studio, together with Guerrilla, they are monitoring player feedback to correct each of the possible defects in the title. How has your experience been there?

Number of Horizon Forbidden West players on PC started low

Horizon Forbidden West's debut on computers may have presented few problems, however, engagement from the PC community was not that high. “Only” 20 thousand people are venturing into the Forbidden West. Look here!

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