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House of the Dragon: Season 2 trailers push fans to choose a side



Fans were recently able to discover two new trailers for season 2 of House of the Dragonwith one for the Greens and the other for the Blacks, thus encouraging the audience to “pledge allegiance” to one of the two factions of House Targaryen.

While the second season of House of the Dragonthe spin-off of the cult series Game Of Thronesdue out later this year, Max gave fans a new look at the sequel to the HBO series with two new trailers.

The previews show both sides of this impending civil war between the divided factions of House Targaryen, with the Greens, led by King Aegon II and Alicent Hightower, on one side, and the Blacks, led by the Queen, on the other. Rhaenyra and Daemon.

The Green trailer highlights Aegon II's bloodlust for war, while the Black trailer offers insight into Rhaenyra's schemes and attempts to curry favor with other houses and force them to “pledge allegiance”.

Two trailers for season 2 of House of the Dragon

The first season of House of the Dragon served as a prelude to this infighting, while the second season is supposed to be the point where the conflict escalates, giving way to clashing swords and the devastating power of dragons.

On one side, we therefore find the Blacks, who believe that the former king Viserys Targaryen chose Rhaenyra to succeed him and who are fighting to return to the throne which is rightfully theirs after Aegon II and his mother Alicent. 'stole.

On the other hand, the Greens say that the former king has given up on choosing Rhaenyra as the one who could succeed him on the throne, because “the kingdom would never accept a queen” in favor of Aegon II.

Both trailers feature the characters seeking power, hatching plans, and charging into battle. Each preview also briefly shows different houses of Westeros, like the Starks and the Brackens, with whom each side will try to feud or rally to take over the kingdom.

Fans will have to wait until the series premiere to see where the story takes us, but they can pledge allegiance to one side or the other in the battle to come. And while waiting for season 2 of House of the Dragonyou can also consult our selection of the best streaming series this month.

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