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House of the Dragon season 3 confirmed before season 2 even begins



Fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 of House of the Dragonbut some good news will help them pass the time: the series has already been renewed for a third chapter!

Season 3 of House of the Dragon was officially confirmed on June 13, 2024 by HBO, several days before the first episodes of season 2. The news will surprise some, but it is not really surprising for others: this third chapter had in fact been suggested numerous times by the creators of the series.

But nothing having been made official, tweezers were in order until now. We can now breathe easy knowing that the green light has been given by the American channel, which does not hesitate to cancel ambitious projects when it is not sure of itself – another spin-off from the universe of Game Of Thrones had also paid the price, deleted despite a pilot with a staggering budget of 30 million dollars.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will focus on the civil war between the Targaryen and Hightower clans, an event better known as “Dragon Dance“. The winner will then have the honor of sitting on the iconic Iron Throne, but such a victory will not come without sacrifice.

The dance of the dragons continues. House of the Dragon has been renewed for season 3.

The news of a season 3 is all the more welcome as we know that season 2 will be shorter than the previous one. On the other hand, the plot that will await spectators in this new chapter has not yet been revealed. According to the numerous hints from the showrunners so far, the writing of its script has already started, but we will nevertheless have to wait to discover the episodes of season 2 to better prepare for the sequel.

Series House of the Dragon adapts the novels Fire and Blood by George RR Martin, and many theories already exist on social media regarding the books. One of the most popular assumes that the end of season 2 will coincide with the release of the next installment of the literary saga The iron Thronetitled The Winds of Winter.

As of today, no release window has been announced for season 3. Season 2 of House of the Dragonfor its part, will start on June 17, 2024 on Max, a new streaming platform for HBO series in France.

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