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How big is Black Ops 6? The storage space needed on PC revealed



Black Ops 6 was finally fully revealed during CoD Direct, and with pre-orders now available, its file size has also been leaked. So how much space do you need for the new Call of Duty?

Just after the Xbox Showcase, the highly anticipated CoD Direct finally presented Black Ops 6 after months of teasing from Activision.

Now that Black Ops 6 has been fully revealed to us, we have been able to discover the new multi-directional movement, the return of Zombies in classic rounds, and the plethora of maps, Operators and weapons coming to the game.

Before you pre-order the game, you might want to know how much storage space you’ll need to reserve before you get it. So here’s everything you need to know about Black Ops 6 file size.

What is the file size of Black Ops 6?

Black Ops 6 file size will be around 309.85 GBaccording to the Xbox pre-order page.

It has not been clarified whether this size is only for PC or consoles, as it is an approximation. With 309 GB, it therefore has 96 GB more than MW3 on PC, which was 213 GB.

It is likely that consoles will require less space, as in previous versions. For MW3, Xbox and PlayStation only needed 140 GB of free space for the game.

Of course, it’s likely that the approximate 309 GB includes everything BO6 will offer — that’s Zombies, Warzone, Campaign, and Multiplayer.

Just like MW3, you will be able to manage the parts of the game you want via the CoD HQ launcher. This can be done through the “manage files” section and by uninstalling specific content that you are not playing.

However, if you plan to play all of Black Ops 6’s content as soon as it releases, be prepared to set aside at least 310 GB just in case.

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