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How crazy! Fans make GTA Vice City run on a router



Hacks to make classic games run on random devices are reaching frightening levels. This time, they made a playable version of GTA Vice City for a router.

As noted by PC Games N (via Kotaku), modders Manawyrn and tSYS simply transformed a TP-Link TL-WDRR4900 into a computer capable of running the PlayStation 2 version of the game, something that is possible thanks to the device's PowerPC e500v2 processor . It offers performance far beyond what is needed for the gadget, and can, yes, run some older games.

Check out the video below:

Even with the relatively powerful hardware in the TP-Link router, getting Vice City to work on it wasn't easy. Since this device didn't have a built-in graphics card (remember it was a router and never needed one), modders had to create and add a custom mini PCIe breakout and plug it into the router.

This allowed them to connect an external AMD Radeon HD 7470 graphics card and presto, they could now connect the router to a monitor and run the software. Cool, right?

GTA Vice City will have an unofficial remake in 2025; see trailer

GTA Vice City had a remaster made by Grove Street Games and was included in the collection The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition released by Rockstar. However, not everyone was satisfied with the result. Now, an unofficial version of the title is on the way in remake format for 2025 and even had a trailer. Click here to check it out.

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