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How long does it take to finish Chained Together? Fastest speedrun records



To complete Chained Together, you must reach the top of the map while escaping from Hell. This game allows you to do it solo or with a group of friends, the latter option certainly being more difficult, but also more entertaining.

If you want to know how much time you and your friends are going to spend on this viral and wildly addictive new co-op game, then find out how long it takes to finish Chained Together while checking out some of the fastest speedrunning records set so far .

How long is Chained Together?

So far, streamers reported times ranging from 3 to 8 hours. The duration of Chained Together largely depends on your and your team’s ability to coordinate and climb Hell’s unusual surfaces. Of course, the difficulty level as well as the setting to keep channels open or closed also play a big role in determining these numbers.

So, with a well-coordinated team, you can target finishing Chained Together in 3 to 5 hours. Reaching the top in Lava mode will naturally be faster, as you’ll still need to be on top of the lava, but this mode leaves no room for error.

Fastest speedrun times

User Arkynn currently holds the record for fastest time to finish Chained Together with 1 hour 2 minutes and 36 secondsaccording to data recorded on

Here is the list of the top five speedrun times on Chained Together so far:

  1. Arkyn – 1:02:36 (hours, minutes, seconds)
  2. Knon_TTV – 1:03:49
  3. Yuna – 1:05:23
  4. Akiroe – 1:06:11
  5. zeka_tw – 1:06:17

French record on Chained Together

Currently, the fastest French player to complete Chained Together is Arkynn in a record time of 1:02:36.

Obviously the fastest speedrun times mentioned above will evolve as more speedrunners get to grips with Chained Together, and we’ll be sure to update this space regularly.

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