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How Long Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Main Story Length



Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is finally here, continuing the epic remastered saga. Being a remake and part of a trilogy, you'll probably wonder how long the main story is to know how many hours you'll need to devote to it. So here is the answer.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second opus in the trilogy which reproduces the legendary Square Enix game released in 1997. Four years after the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans will be able to find Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret and Red XIII as They're trying to save the world.

While the first part was critically acclaimed, players' main concern was the lack of side content in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, allowing the adventure to be completed in almost 33 hours.

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The developers then promised that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth would allow players to explore a large part of the world, filled with quests, side missions and secret mini-games.

Here is the lifespan confirmed by Square Enix for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How long does it take to finish FF7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth lasts between 40 and 50 hours if you focus on the main quest and a bit of the side content, as confirmed by IGN.

However, players wanting to explore all of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's side content and secrets will need to more than 100 hours. This was confirmed by game director Naoki Hamaguchi, who noted that side quests make up around 80% of the exploration-based content, such as Chocobo races and mini-games at the Gold Saucer.

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To track player-based play time, you can check out the HowLongToBeat page which offers valuable insights.

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