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How many episodes are there of The Three-Body Problem on Netflix?



The 3-Body Problem arrives on Netflix, and you may wonder for how many episodes the series will draw you into its captivating story: we explain everything about its duration.

The series had been awaited by Netflix subscribers for several years: after the disappointing finale of Game Of Thronesshowrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss had disappeared from the radar, until their names reappeared on an ambitious project: The 3-Body Problem.

Adapting the novel of the same title by multi-awarded author Liu Cixin, this new production has not skimped on efforts: with an impressive cast, brilliant production and generally positive reviews, the series is preparing to take its spectators in a complex and breathtaking epic.

But for how many episodes exactly? We tell you everything about the duration of the Netflix series The 3-Body Problem.

How many episodes are there in the series The 3-Body Problem ?

The 3-Body Problem is a series made up of eight episodes in total, each lasting around fifty minutes. The entirety of this season 1 will be broadcast at the same time on Netflix, from March 21.

The binge-watching specific to Netflix will also be welcome for those who would prefer to follow the story assiduously, due to the complexity of its plot adapting the very specialized novel in the field of science. Be careful though: in total, it will take 439 minutes to watch everything, or approximately 7 hours and 31 minutes.

At this point, no further seasons have yet been confirmed by Netflix, so there is no word on whether the sequel would employ the same eight-episode format.

The 3-Body Problem will be available on Netflix from March 21, 2024.

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