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How the Black Ops 6 Prestige system works



Black Ops 6’s Prestige system will work differently from the seasonal model, with Treyarch returning to the franchise’s roots.

As of Modern Warfare 2019, Call of Duty’s Prestige system has been overhauled to match live service. New seasons added new levels with this staged design, hoping to retain dedicated players.

This shakeup has been a popular complaint for years. With new levels arriving at the launch of a season, the progression system felt bland and rudimentary a few weeks into a new game.

However, Black Ops 6 will abandon this overhauled system for a traditional Prestige system, with Treyarch aiming to deliver the “most rewarding Call of Duty” yet.

Black Ops 6 Prestige System Explained

Master Prestige Black Ops 6

As mentioned, the Prestige system has seen various changes since Modern Warfare 2019, with each new season introducing more progression to explore. For example, Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 introduced four new Prestiges.

Black Ops 6 abandons this. All Prestiges will be available from the launch of the game. This means that from day one, players will be able to reach maximum Prestige without a seasonal calendar interrupting their enjoyment.

That said, the path to Prestige remains the same. Reach the maximum level of 55, and you will have the option to enter Prestige mode. During the BO6 reveal, Treyarch shared that it will work as in the past; once you reach the Prestige, your equipment will be reset again.

How many Prestige levels are there in Black Ops 6?

At launch there will be 10 Prestige levels. Once you reach the maximum Prestige level, there will be 1000 additional levels to climb, offering exclusive rewards for the most dedicated.

At this time, it is unclear if future seasons will add more Prestige tiers, but we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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