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How to beat the Messmer the Impaler boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree



After invading the Shadow Realm in search of Miquella, you will eventually confront its despotic ruler. You’re about to face a difficult battle against Messmer the Impaler, but we’ll tell you how to defeat him.

With the trailers for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree having portrayed Messmer the Impaler as a ruthless tyrant and the main antagonist of the DLC, it’s surprising to face someone so crucial so early. However, the flaming demigod now stands between you and your goal and someone needs to extinguish his malevolent flame – here’s how.

Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Messmer the Impaler is the ruler of the Shadow Realm.

Messmer the Impaler location

Messmer is the boss of the third dungeon of the expansion and awaits you at the top (sixth floor) of the Black Castle, at the Seed Warehouse, in his Dark Chamber.

There is a Site of Grace at the entrance to his arena called Entrance to the Dark Chamber.

Once rested at the Site of Grace, enter the dark room for your confrontation with Messmer, the ruler of the Shadow Realm.

Messmer the Impaler location

Messmer the Impaler location

Before the battle begins, we advise you to equip certain items to protect yourself from fire damage, such as the Fire Dragon Talisman. Messmer uses a lot of fire attacks, so this could prove invaluable in the upcoming battle.

We found Messmer considerably more difficult than other previous bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree, so before facing him, make sure you find Occult Tree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes to increase your stats.

If you are having trouble reducing Messmer’s health below 50%, this is a clear sign that you might need to boost your stats by finding more of these objects in nature.

Battle with Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring

Messmer is not happy to see his lands invaded by supporters of the World Tree.

Phase 1: the flames of Messmer

After a captivating and revealing dialogue, the fight will begin. Messmer will honor his nickname “The Impaler” by hitting you with his long spear. Then he will conjure a fireball and will throw it in the air to hit you.

She will chase you but is quite easy to dodge, the real danger comes from the area of ​​effect of the flame which bursts onto the ground once the ball lands. Roll out of the throw area and if you are close to Messmer, hit him while he is recovering from his falling animation. If this is not possible, get into position to attack or prepare for his next move.

If you are going to use a Summon Ash (like Imitative Tear), do it as soon as you pass through the door, then dodge his first attack as soon as he lands. Once you have avoided the area of ​​effect of the flame blast, you are free to heal (if you used the Mimic) or attack.

His next move will likely be a series of lightning strikes that he may or may not fuse with fire damage. You can block or roll aside, then roll forward to flank him and attack his exposed side. Don’t be too greedy with your attacks, once he recovers he will surely sting you again.

Messmer’s deadliest attack is his grab animation which can result in instant death. This is when he fills his hand with flames and runs towards you. Don’t panic by trying to roll away, but keep a cool head and stay out of his way. You might even be able to counter him when he grabs in the air and fails to complete his attack.

Your Ash summons or NPC allies are more likely to fall victim to this attack and it could kill them in one hit, so be aware of that. What we found most frustrating, is that when Messmer is in the middle of this animation, he is completely invincible. So, rather than hitting him unnecessarily, forget about the well-being of your AI comrade and take the opportunity to heal or strengthen yourself.

Another of his deadliest attacks is when it throws red dust into the air before ignite it to make a wall of flames. You will hurt if you touch it, but the real danger comes from its combination of small blows that he will perform behind this wall of fire. Try to run or roll behind him, to avoid him and then counterattack.

If you time it right, you’ll appear behind him as he punches and it will take him a moment to recover from this animation, giving you a nice opportunity to hit him with a few hits before running away, safely.

He can sometimes do another variation of this attack where he ignites the dust and jumps into the air. If this happens, run to the other side of the arena, let the attack happen then come back and try to hit him. Don’t get caught in the explosion when it lands, players with less than 40 Stamina could be killed instantly.

For those who are skilled in the art of parry and riposte, Messmer is particularly vulnerable in his first phase, and landing a riposte attack can stagger him, allowing you to deal massive damage.

Phase 2: Messmer the Evil Serpent

After a pretty disgusting cutscene, Messmer will transform into his true self; Messmer the Evil Serpent, and the second phase of the fight will begin.

Battle with Messmer the Impaler as an Evil Serpent in Elden Ring

Bring fire protection to fight Messmer.

Messmer is now angry, having underestimated a poor Gloryless before, he will now be much more aggressive and determined to end the threat you pose. He will retain many of his attacks from Phase 1, but will move faster and chain attacks at blazing speeds.

Continue with the strategy described above, but be prepared for things to be more frantic. As one would expect, Messmer’s moves also do more damage and his area attacks cover more ground and even make the fire spread faster. However, Messmer has a little surprise: a huge snake that rises up and shoots a fireball in your directionthe latter dealing area damage when it lands.

We found rolling towards her to be effective, as the attack would usually pass overhead if the timing was right, and we could then run to avoid the fire spreading behind us and thus land a few hits on Messmer. When the boss summons dark clouds around him, he plans another snake attack who throws himself forward. We found we could block it, or just roll sideways. Be careful, this snake is really fast.

Messmer can also use this smoke attack to teleport, disappearing then striking from below. If you see it disappear in an explosion of black smoke, run forward then turn and attack once his attack fails. He is vulnerable during this animation and we were able to riddle him with bleed attacks that caused massive damage once our Imitating Tear joined in the action.

Finally, he will summon a large swarm of snakes and you will feel like they are everywhere. Dodging in panic can be deadly. It is wiser to find a safe place and stay still until the end of the attack. Then, hit Messmer before he swings around for the next attack.

The good news is that Messmer is a bigger target in his second form and therefore easier to hit. Although Messmer hits hard, he doesn’t have much health compared to other bosses, making the fight shorter and easier to survive.

NPC Allies

THE Kérastien can be summoned for this fight. However, his summon sign can be found in the middle of the arena during combat, not outside.

Messmer the Impaler Rewards

Messmer drops the following items after being killed:

  • 400,000 Runes
  • The Memory of the Impaler

The Memory can be exchanged with Enia (even if she is dead now) at the Round Table for the Spear of the Impaler or theMessmer’s Orbhis powerful fire spell.

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