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How to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree



Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree promises epic new boss encounters and the first of these is the Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast. Here’s how to defeat this first big boss of the DLC.

The Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast was one of the first bosses we saw in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree trailer and the creature also serves as the first big boss of the Legacy dungeon. This means that the battle is mandatory and the Dancing Lion must be defeated before you can progress in the story.

This formidable beast will not be defeated easily. However, certain strategies allow you to defeat this monstrous enemy. So here’s how to defeat the Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Dancing Lion boss of the Divine Beast from the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Freyja, knight of the Red Lion, is a useful ally against the Dancing Lion

Where to find the Divine Beast Dancing Lion

Finding the Dancing Lion in Shadow of the Erdtree is relatively simple, just progress through the first Legacy dungeon known as Belurat, at the Colony Toweruntil reaching the final arena.

You might come across a grumpy old lady during your travels in the dungeon, and once you find the Dancing Lion, she will wake him from his sleep and encourage him to attack you. This is a fixed event that cannot be changed.

The good news is that if you have encountered some of the NPCs that make up Miquella’s Followers and exhausted their dialogue, you will then be able to summon two of them to support you against the boss.

Attention, The Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast will receive a buff for each NPC ally you summonbut two characters, your spirit ashes and yourself should form a strong team against a powerful enemy.

The Dancing Lion is incredibly fast and masters the elements. Once the battle begins, he will bombard you from the start with lightning, wind and frost attacks. Gel buildup can be deadly in this fight, so if that’s a problem for you, consider using something to protect yourself against thislike a consumable or a talisman.

Having an NPC or Summoning Ash will be a great way to distract the Dancing Lion, allowing you to land a few well-placed blows while his back is turned to you. You can roll towards the Lion to dodge many of his attacks, and staying close to the beast is a great way to avoid most of its projectiles.

He will also waste time stringing together his follow-up attacks while you are safe and preparing for a counterattack. From time to time, the Dancing Lion will stand up and start biting the air, after that he will grab you for a powerful attack. Fortunately, these attacks are predictable and easy to avoid. However, they can be deadly if you get caught.

There is a second attack during which he stands up and then begins to spit debris, this attack is more annoying than deadly and can be blocked, dodged or avoided. Observe what he does with his mouth to differentiate between the two types of attack. However, the first and most dangerous one has the longest preparation time.

You will get the Dancing Lion's oversized head as a reward for killing him.

You will get the Dancing Lion’s oversized head as a reward for killing him.

Divine Lion Phase 2

Once the Divine Beast Dancing Lion reaches 50% health, he will move on to his second phase. Here it will alternate between items once or twice per minute. His attacks will become more dangerous, but he will announce these changes by levitating for a moment, giving you a chance to land a few hits.

His movements will then become more predictable, because you will know what phase the Leo is in based on his appearance. During his lightning phase, roll to get away from its attacksbut ride through his wind attacks and try to hit him in this brief opening. You can also jump over his ice attacks and even land a blow by jumping if the boss is close enough.

Once the Dancing Lion’s health becomes critical, it will become desperate and begin using his Triple Element attack to try to bring you down. Just repeat the tactics above and try to keep calm, because at this point the Leo is just a few moves away from death.

The Dancing Lion is also Susceptible to Bleeding and Scarlet Rotso if you use a build that uses bleeds and other status ailments, it will end the fight faster by dealing additional damage.

Once the fight is over, you will be rewarded with the T helmetHead of the Dancing Lionas well as by its Memory, which can be brought back to the Round Table.

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