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How to defeat the Golden Hippo boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree



The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is finally available, giving players a host of new enemies to face. Among them is the Golden Hippopotamus. Here’s everything you need to know to defeat him.

The Golden Hippopotamus of Elden Ring is a major boss that awaits players in the Black Castle dungeon. This is the first enemy you will encounter in this area, and defeating it is essential to accessing the rest of the dungeon.

Fortunately, this boss is relatively soft compared to the horrors that await you further in the Black Castle. However, as with any boss in Elden Ring, there are significant dangers to be aware of.

Prepare to face the immense Golden Hippopotamus

Golden Hippo Location

As previously mentioned, the Golden Hippopotamus can be found resting under the Statue of Marika at the entrance to the Black Castle dungeon. The dungeon itself is located in the far northeast of Occult Altus on the Shadow Realm map, and it is populated by the immense and terrifying forces of Messmer the Impaler.

The Black Castle is a huge site with several entrances. Luckily, the one you’re looking for is the main gate, located at the end of the main road in this section of Altus Occulte. When you reach the castle entrance, ride the elevator and you will arrive at the arena for the fight.

The location of the encounter with the Golden Hippopotamus

The location of the encounter with the Golden Hippopotamus.

Phase 1

When it comes to Elden Ring bosses, the Golden Hippopotamus is one of the simplest in this DLC, mechanically speaking. He uses a combination of bites, charges and headbuttsall of which deal enough damage to end the fight quickly if you’re not careful.

At first, the hippo will charge at you with its mouth wide open. If he catches you with this attack, he will bite multiple times, which could end the fight before it even begins. The best option here is to roll out of its range, as its bite has a very long range. It is therefore crucial to move away from its area of ​​effect as quickly as possible.

The Hippopotamus holds a character in its mouth in Elden Ring

The Golden Hippopotamus bites our character

The other regular attack he uses in this first phase is to bash his head against the ground. Although it’s tempting to just ride again, it’s best to stay close and move towards the hippo’s body. This will allow you to avoid damage and land a few hits while the beast takes a 1-2 second break from attacking in this manner.

The most difficult attack to avoid is belly shot. The best option here is to jump just before it hits the ground. Not only is this the easiest way to avoid damage, but it also opens a window for mid-jump attack combos if you have a build suited to this style of play.

Deal damage after dodging basic bite attacks or headbutts. Move to the side and attack quickly, but don’t overestimate the time you have. The Golden Hippopotamus will counterattack by swiping its head or performing an uppercut move, so be patient and slowly reduce its health bar.

Phase 2

When you reduce the boss’s health to half, it enters a second phase. The hippo will then grow huge thorns on its head and body before letting them rain down on the arena. Stay close to the boss while he does this, and you should avoid most, if not all, of the damage dealt. It’s also a good opportunity to land a few extra hits, thanks to the loading time.

The Hippopotamus grows thorns in the second phase of the fight

The Hippopotamus grows thorns in the second phase of the fight

The only major difference in his main attack types during this phase is the stomach kick. The area of ​​effect of the first part of the fight is increased by the thorns that emerge from the ground. It simply means that you will have to move away a little further than you did initially.

Otherwise, it’s about being patient and strike blows on the side of the beast. Move to the side, attack quicklyThen go away again. Repeat this rotation, and you should be able to finish the fight.

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