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How to get and farm Cement in Palworld



In Palworld, Cement is used to create defensive structures in addition to higher level Pal Spheres. Here's where you can find Cement and how to easily farm this resource.

Palworld has plenty of building materials that you'll need to use to craft things like the Production Line, Flower Beds, and Mounted Machine Gun. All will require you to gather Cement.

You can acquire several resources by sending Pals according to their Working Abilities, such as Extraction, Seed and Pharmacy.

If you are looking to find Cement to build different structures, here is the best way to obtain this resource.

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What is Cement used for in Palworld?

Vixy and a Pal Sphere in PalworldPocketpair

Vixy and a Pal Sphere in Palworld

Players will need Cement to craft structures like Metal Ramparts, Iron Gates, and the Production Line. You will also need to collect Cement to create Ultra, Tera and Legendary Spheres.

To unlock Cement, you must reach Level 19 in the Technologies skill tree. You will need the following materials to craft Cement:

50x Stone
1x Bone
1x Pal Fluid

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You must also have the Quality Workbench to create Cement, available in the Technologies menu at Level 11.

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The best way to farm Cement is to gather as many Stones as possible. To do this, you need to build a Stone Quarry right after reaching Level 7, which requires 50 Stones, 20 Lumber and 10 Paldium Shards. We recommend using Pals like Digtoise and Astegon to make mining Ore even easier.

You can also collect small stones yourself, but you will need a Stone Quarry as you progress in the game.

Do not hesitate to consult our other useful guides as well as our page dedicated to Palworld:

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