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How to get and where to find Giant Dragon Eggs in Palworld



Wondering where to find Giant Dragon Eggs in Palworld? Here's Everything You Need to Know About These Rare Dragon Eggs.

Palworld is a brand new monster catching game where you have to survive in a hostile open world. The goal is to capture as many Pals as possible and gather numerous resources, including rare, hard-to-find materials and items.

One of the rarest items you can find in the game are Giant Draconic Eggs. When they hatch, they give birth to Dragon-type Pals. In addition to being powerful, Dragon-type Pals can be used as mounts to quickly move around the world. Finding one of these eggs is therefore essential.

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Here is our guide to telling you where to find a Giant Dragon Egg in Palworld.


Giant Draconic Egg as found in PalworldPocketpair

Giant Draconic Egg in Palworld

Where to find a Giant Dragon Egg in Palworld?

The particularity of Giant Draconic Eggs is that they appear randomly in Palworld, like several other objects in the game. They are therefore very difficult to find. This means you have to keep exploring until you finally come across one of them.

However, players can increase their chances of finding Giant Dragon Eggs if they search around high elevations, such as cliff edges or rocky peaks.

This may seem tedious, but once you unlock your first flying mount, you'll be able to get a better view of higher altitudes on the back of a flying Pal like Nitewing or Ragnahawk.

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Giant Draconic Eggs can be recognized by their large size and unique purple hue with thick black lines. They will be sitting on a nest, so all you have to do is get as close to them as possible and press the F button (PC) or the X button (Xbox) to collect them.

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It should be noted that if you are going on an egg hunt, you must have enough space in your inventory, because Giant Draconic Eggs weigh 50 units each.

How to Hatch Giant Draconic Eggs

Like all eggs in Palworld, you will need an incubator to hatch Giant Draconic Eggs. It will take two hours to hatch, which is similar to the hatching time of other Giant Eggs found in the game on normal difficulty.

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Be sure to monitor the egg's comfort levels, as this will speed up the hatch timer. If the egg feels cold, provide sufficient heat during the incubation period, either by increasing the heat around it with heaters or by establishing a campfire. You can also use Fire element Pals like Bushi or place the incubator inside. In case the Giant Draconic Egg gets hot, you can use a chiller or Ice-type Pals to help.

All the Pals that hatch from the Giant Draconic Eggs

At the time of writing this guide, here are the Pals emerging from Giant Draconic Eggs:

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  • Azurobe (10% chance)
  • Elphidram (10% chance)
  • Jormuntide (10% chance)
  • Jormuntide Ignis (5% chance)
  • Relaxaurus (10% chance)
  • Relaxaurus Lux (10% chance)
  • Quivern (10% chance)

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