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How to get Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2: Final Form



One of the most exciting new features in Destiny 2: Final Form is the introduction of Exotic class items. However, the method to obtain them was unknown – until now.

The process for acquiring these exotic items in Destiny 2: Final Form has just been revealed, although variations may still occur. However, we have a good idea of ​​the current procedure and it starts with the new Reversal activity.

As first reported by The Game Post, players must complete three separate Knockdown races. This must be done in each location marked on the Pale Heart map: The Landing, The Flowering and The Impasse.

The Pale Heart menu of Destiny 2: Final Form

The Knockdown activity can be found on the green icon on the Pale Heart map in Destiny 2: Final Form

After each final boss in the activity, a text prompt appears at the bottom left of the screen saying: “ A Secret Keeper of the Witch Queen is near… “. Then start a five minute timer during which you will have to find and defeat the group of Corrupted who appear in the area.

Do this after each Knockdown and you should see a beam of light in the Refraction area of ​​the map. Head towards its source, and there should be two separate objective markers with enemies. Defeat them, and two Subjugators will appearone in each zone.

Eliminate both, and they should drop one orb of Light and an orb of Darkness. Drop them off at the Statue of Savathûn (which should be indicated when you pick up an orb), and if done correctly, an exotic mission marker named Double Destiny should appear.

This mission requires two players to complete, otherwise you will not be able to trigger it. Complete the mission, and the exotic class item will be your reward.

At the time of writing, some Destiny 2 players are reporting obtaining the item, while others are expressing frustration with the need to form a group and communicate to succeed.

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