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How to get free Fortnite skins in March 2024?



If you're looking to get free skins in Fortnite, then you've come to the perfect place to see if Epic Games is currently being generous or not.

Fortnite is known for its many high-profile crossover skins which can sometimes be quite expensive to purchase, especially when it comes to well-known characters like Wonder Woman or Blanka from Street Fighter.

So naturally, any chance to get free skins is welcome in the world of Fortnite.

But while free cosmetics like gliders and backpacks are actually quite common, free skins are incredibly rare. You must therefore be responsive and attentive if you do not want to miss them.

So here's all the information you need regarding the free skins available in Fortnite right now, as well as details on previous free skins that have now expired.

Are there free skins in Fortnite? (March 2024)

As of March 2024, there are currently four free skins available in Fortnite:

  • Free skin : Explore Emilie Cardi
  • How to get it : Link your Epic and LEGO accounts as explained on this page.
  • Free skin : Tai Tracer
  • How to get it : Complete quests in LEGO Fornite. Everything is explained here, in our article.
  • Free skin : Jackie
  • How to get it : Reach GOLD rank in the Rocket Racing game mode.
  • Free skin : Sub-zero Cryptic Chilling Mystery
  • How to get it : Be a PlayStation Plus subscriber
The Winterfest event regularly offers free skins to Fortnite players.

There are several ways to get free skins in Fortnite, but they usually require some effort, such as opening a specific number of gifts during Winterfest or completing challenges during events.

From time to time, Epic Games will host themed tournaments for crossover characters, like Beast Boy or The Flash, as well as ICON Series skins for streamers like Chica, where top-ranked players can earn the skin for free before it is not on sale in the store.

It is very rare to find codes to get free skins on Fortnite, the latter being usually offered during giveaways on social networks. Be careful when searching for free codes online, as scams abound.

All expired free skins in Fortnite

Below you'll find all the expired free skins we know about in Fortnite and how they were obtained:

Are there other ways to get free skins in Fortnite?

While it's not technically free, players who subscribe to Fortnite Crew will receive plenty of rewards, including a new skin and matching cosmetics every month. It costs $11.99.

Subscribing to Fortnite Crew also gives you access to the battle pass which includes tons of skins to unlock as you accumulate XP.

This is undoubtedly the most efficient and reliable way to get new skins in Fortnite every month, although the cost of the subscription means that it is not quite “free”.

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