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How to get rid of Crime in Progress status in Palworld



In a game that allows you to commit questionable acts, the last thing you want is to be chased by an armed militia. So here's how to get rid of the status Crime in Progress in Palworld.

Palworld has quickly become the most important newcomer of 2024 with its wild gameplay, aptly dubbed the ” Pokémon with guns “.

With the immense freedom that Palworld offers players, you can absolutely enslave Pals and humans to do your bidding, although the latter is completely illegal and the authorities will come after you if you do so. And that's just one of the many break-ins you can commit in the game.

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So here's how to delete the status Crime in Progress in Palworld if the situation arises.

Pals in a Production line in PalworldPocketpair

Slave Pals production line in Palworld

What causes Crime in Progress status in Palworld

The statute Crime in Progress can be caused either by intrusion into a Sanctuary, or by aggression from People's Militia officers or friendly NPCs. However, these situations are only triggered if someone sees you committing these crimes. So don't hesitate to do it discreetly.

While you can literally sell and slaughter humans in Palworld, there are some illegal things the game can prosecute you for. All your activities are monitored by the Palpagos People's Militia, NPCs who will chase you with weapons and more to arrest you.

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Fortunately, there are ways to remove status Crime in Progress, allowing you to continue going about your business. Here are the best methods to do it.

Surrender and Die

The easiest way to make status disappear Crime in Progress is to get you killed.

If you feel guilty for the crimes you have committed, you can absolve yourself of your wrongdoing by simply surrendering and letting the People's Militia kill you.

However, this is not without consequences. In fact, you will lose all your items. It is recommended to die near a fast travel point, in order to collect your belongings after respawning.

Defeat Screen in PalworldPocketpair

Defeat Screen in Palworld

Kill members of the People's Militia

Another easy way to get rid of status Crime in progress is to kill the members of the People's Militia who are chasing you.

You can also bring them back to your base for your Pals to fight with you. Also, luring them to a Boss Pal who can take care of them for you is an option to consider.

Kill the Witnesses

Alternatively, you can make the status disappear Crime in progress by killing all witnesses who could denounce your misdeeds. It is best to kill all witnesses before the People's Militia arrives on the scene.

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This option can also be used to prevent a status Crime in progress while committing the crime. Because, fortunately for us, players AND sinners, the dead cannot denounce you.


Another way to end the status Crime in progress is to simply run away until it disappears.

This can be a bit difficult since the People's Militia will chase you for quite a long time before giving up. But if you hold on, the status Crime in progress will indeed disappear.

Exit and Reload

The smartest option is to exit the game and reload. However, this was certainly not intended by the developers.

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This method is excellent and the fastest to end the status Crime in Progress. It allows you not to have to spend resources or lose items.

While waiting to commit a crime, do not hesitate to consult our other guides as well as our page dedicated to Palworld:

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