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How to get the Famine Operator Skin in MW3 & Warzone



The “Famine” operator skin has arrived in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, sparking strong reactions among players, and not necessarily for good reasons. However, find out how to get it.

These types of packs are generally popular with Call of Duty players, but the Famine skin has been criticized for the way it needs to be unlocked.


Instead of just being accessible through challenges or an in-store pack, to obtain this skin it is necessary to purchase multiple packs.

Here's what you need to do and how much it will cost you.


Conditions to unlock the Famine skin

You need to purchase two packs to get the Famine Operator skin. Here are their names in the store and what they contain:

MW3 & Warzone Instant Noods Pack

Instant Noods Pack MW3 Warzone

The Instant Noods pack in Modern Warfare 3.

The Instant Noods pack includes:

  • “Flavor Explosion” plan for SOA Subverter
  • “Beef Tenderloin” Plan for Rival-9
  • Large “Tsunami of flavors” sticker
  • Weapon sticker “On the go”
  • Weapon Lucky Charm “Snack”
  • “Glou Glou” emblem

This pack costs 1800 CoD points.

MW3 & Warzone Wagyu Pack

Wagyu MW3 Warzone Pack

The Wagyu pack in Modern Warfare 3.

The Wagyu pack includes:

  • “Karaage” plan for MCW
  • “Sumibi” plan for the Striker
  • Large “Yakiniku” sticker
  • Weapon sticker “Wagyu quality”
  • Weapon Lucky Charm “Well done!”
  • 1 Hour Weapon Double XP Token

This pack costs 1600 CoD points.

In total, these two packs will cost you 3400 CoD pointswhich you will have to purchase via packs of 2400 and 1100 points separately, for a total of more than €25.


After purchasing both packs, you will receive the “Japanese Food Reward”, which is the Famine operator skin.

This isn't the only cosmetic that can be unlocked by purchasing multiple packs, so it's not an entirely new tactic on Activision's part to encourage purchases in the store.


As part of the Dune collaboration in MW3 and Warzone, you can unlock Paul Atreides' Fedaykin stealth suit by purchasing both the Harkonnen Tracker Pack from Dune Part Two and the Paul Atreides Operator Pack, which will cost you the astronomical sum of 4800 CoD points.

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