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How to obtain and farm Cloth in Palworld



Fabric is one of Palworld's most precious materials. Here is how to obtain and farm Fabric in the game.

Palworld is a survival game and you have to farm a wide range of materials in order to prepare yourself for battles. As part of this preparation, you will need Cloth.

Indeed, Fabric is a highly valuable and extremely useful material because it is necessary in many improvements. Additionally, it is also quite easy to farm and does not require as much effort as other resources.

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Here is how to obtain and farm Fabric in Palworld.


Pals who do Handicrafts in PalworldPocketpair

What is Cloth used for in Palworld?

In Palworld, Cloth is needed to craft armor in the game. You can craft things like Cloth Clothing, Cooling Metal Armor, Heating Metal Armor, Traditional Tropical Clothing, and Traditional Tropical Clothing. mountains.

It is exceptionally important that you craft armor for survival purposes in the game. Therefore, gaining access to Cloth is vital, and you should stockpile as much of it as possible.

How to get Cloth in Palworld

Cloth cannot be obtained directly in Palworld. This is a material that you must craft by combining 2x Wool. You will be there at level 3 of the Technologies Menu, and this will help you unlock the Cloth in the game.

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How to farm Cloth in Palworld

As mentioned in the previous section, Cloth is a resource that must be crafted. Therefore, you cannot farm it. Instead, you can farm a lot of wool with the Pal Lamball. This way, you can use it to make as much Fabric as you need.


Areas to find Lamball to farm Wool in Palworld

Here is a list of all Pals that can drop Wool:

  • Cremis
  • Ice Kingpaca
  • Kingpaca
  • Lamball
  • Melpaca
  • Swee
  • Sweepa

However, the most effective method to increase your Cloth supply is to unlock the Farm from the Technologies menu (level 5). Once you have access to it, you will be able to produce Wool in your base which, in turn, can be used to craft Cloth.

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Also, after reaching level 36, you can craft Quality Cloth at a Quality Workbench with 10x Wool. This resource can also be dropped by Sibelyx, to the north of the map, in the snowy part of Palworld.

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