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How to obtain and farm Freezing Organs in Palworld



Freezing Organs are an important material that becomes crucial as you progress. Here is how to obtain and farm Freezing Organs in Palworld.

Palworld has quickly become a huge success and part of that is harvesting resources and crafting upgrades.


From ingredients like Milk to basic resources like Ore, there are plenty of important materials for players to gather. Just like Power Organs, Freezing Organs are also extremely valuable and you will need them in large quantities.

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Here is our guide on how to obtain and farm Freezing Organs in Palworld.


Freezing Organs can be dropped by Pals when you fight them or when you capture an Ice-type Pal. Alternatively, Freezing Organs can also be purchased from a Peddler in a hamlet at coordinates (358, 350), in the desert biome to the northeast of the map. Each Freezing Organ costs 100 Gold Coins.

Pals can drop Freezing Organs to you during encounters or when you capture an Ice-type Pal. Also, it is possible to acquire Freezing Organs by purchasing them from Peddlers, particularly present in the Hamlet (358, 350). The price of each Freezing Organ is 100 Gold Coins.


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However, players who favor hunting will prefer to track down Pengullet, the less formidable Ice-type Pal. This charming penguin is found in various locations, but is most common in a vertically extended area to the west of the Original Plateau, as shown in the map below.

Areas to find Pengullet in PalworldPocketpair

Areas to find Pengullet in Palworld

Although Pengullet works well for collecting Freezing Organs, he is far from the only one to drop them. So here are all the Ice-type Pals in Palworld that drop Freezing Organs when defeated or captured:

  • Pengullet (#10)
  • Penking (#11)
  • Jolthog Cryst (#12)
  • Mau Cryst (#24)
  • Hangyu Crystal (#32)
  • Foxcicle (#57)
  • Reindrix (#59)
  • Vanwyrm Cryst (#71)
  • Sibelyx (#79)
  • Cryolinx (#83)
  • Ice Reptyro (#88)
  • Ice KIngpaca (#89)
  • Wumpo (#91)
  • Frostallion (#110)

What are Freezing Organs used for in Palworld?

Freezing Organs are used to create a variety of important plans. This includes the Fridge, Frozen Mine and Electric Air Conditioner. These are key base upgrades that can be used to defend your land or conserve food.

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This valuable material is also used to craft several items that enhance your Ice-type Pals. So some of the best examples of plans requiring Freezing Organs in Palworld are the Saddle of Vanwyrm Cryst which allows you to fly through the skies and the Gloves of Jolthog Cryst which turns the cute hedgehog into a deadly frost grenade.


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