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How to watch the Demon Slayer: Road to Pillar Training movie?



Demon Slayer offers a new film for the Pillar Training arc: we explain where and how to see it in France.

Season 4 of Demon Slayerwhich promises to adapt the arc of the training of the pillars (or hashiras), is not yet available: its broadcast has been announced for April 2024. However, a film preparing the ground for the first episodes has first been announced.

The Pillar Training arc is crucial: it is the last part before the grand finale, the final battle against Muzan and his terrifying Upper Moons, which will take place in the Infinite Dimensional Fortress.

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And for once, the fans will be served, because all the pillars will be present in this penultimate arc! Between the origins of the greatest Slayers and strong emotional moments, without forgetting the intense training of the heroes, season 4 will be entitled to many busy episodes. So how to watch the movie Demon Slayer: On the Road to Pillar Training ?

The film Demon Slayer: On the Road to Pillar Training will it be available for streaming?

At this point, the film On the way to pillar training is not intended for streaming. To see it, you had to go to the cinema.

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In reality, the film is a compilation of two episodes: the last of the Blacksmiths' Village arc, and the first of season 4. Those who will not have the chance to see it in theaters will therefore still be able to find the adventures of Tanjiro and company on Crunchyroll, when the anime is released in April 2024.

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Movie release date Demon Slayer: On the Road to Pillar Training

In France, the film was released in theaters on the weekend of February 24 and 25, 2024. For a lucky few, a preview – which quickly sold out – took place on February 24 in the company of members of the team behind the anime.

The official summary presents the film as follows: “With Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — On the way to the training of the pillars, discover for the first time on the big screen episode 11 of Blacksmith Village and its conclusion of the epic fight between Tanjirô and the fourth upper moon, Hantengu, without forget the resounding feat of Nezuko, who triumphs over the sun. It will be followed by the first episode of Pillar Training, also revealed for the very first time in France, which will show the beginnings of special training under the aegis of the pillars in preparation for the final battle against Kibutsuji Muzan.

The screenings having been completed, we will now have to wait until April 2024 for the more traditional streaming of season 4 of Demon Slayer !

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