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How to watch The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live streaming in France?



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How to watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live

Good news ! The latest spin-off of the zombie universe, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Livefinally has a release date and a streaming platform in France.

The zombie series which adapted Robert Kirkman's comics has grown a lot since its premiere on AMC. While Rick Grimes' adventures led him to meet many other characters, they ended abruptly with the end of The Walking Dead…but it was all the better to come back with spin-offs!

The first spin-off series focused on protagonists from the main show. Of Dead City featuring Negan and Maggie in an undead Manhattan, Daryl Dixon which follows the eponymous hero to the streets of Paris, spectators lacked nothing. Except, perhaps, for the very first hero of The Walking Dead ?

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The Ones Who Live marks the big return of Rick Grimes in the series, alongside Michonne. Release date, streaming platform, we tell you everything about the release of the spin-off series in France.

Where and when comes out The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live ?

Series The Ones Who Live will officially be available for streaming for French audiences on Paramount+, starting March 29, 2024.

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For English-speaking viewers, the spin-off has already launched on the AMC channel, episode 1 having been released on February 25. The French broadcast will therefore have a month's delay, as for the spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

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Obviously, such a delay will not have failed to make the fans react. Especially since the spin-off series, presenting the reunion between two emblematic characters, has been long awaited. Between the risk of being spoiled and the frustration at the idea of ​​having to wait when others already have access to it, the news had a rather lukewarm reception on social networks.

Please note, however, that the episodes will normally already be dubbed in French when they are released on Paramount+: it is possible that the wait is a consequence of the dubbing work.

See you in March for the most patient spectators, to witness the return of Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live on the small screen!

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