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I am speed! Phantom Spark will come to PS5 and PS4



The futuristic racing game Phantom Spark will arrive this winter on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title will focus on psychedelic visuals and tracks that will require high speeds from futuristic vehicles.

Phantom Spark is an all-new, momentum-based time trial racing game that encourages you to break records with no speed limit, offering multiple rollercoaster-like moments. Face off against rivals throughout the solo campaign as you try to break the record on each track across the world.

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Phantom Spark's gameplay is challenging

Developer Coatsink defines Phantom Spark's gameplay as “easy to learn, but difficult to master”. Players will have the chance to improve their skills at each turn of the various tracks while getting used to the game's specific physics.

The game will feature a leaderboard and the ghosts of other players to compete for the best times on more than 30 different routes.

Regarding the campaign mode, there are rewards during the journey, such as new levels, ships with exclusive cosmetics and other new features unlocked as victories arrive.

For now, the game does not have a specific release date, but more news should appear soon.

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