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“I was told to shut up about Adam Jensen”



Elias Toufexis, the actor who voiced Adam Jensen in the games Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, revealed that Eidos Montreal asked him to stop talking publicly about the character a few years ago. The request came at a time where fans were yearning for a third entry in Jensen's story.

The reason for the request revolved around the expectation that was being created in the consumer base and lovers of the franchise. Many had false hope for a possible return of the franchise, however, the studio had been working on other projects and felt pressured by Toufexis' statements.

In a post on Reddit and later in an interview with the PCGamesN portal, the actor commented on what happened:

I remember hearing from Eidos in 2020 when they called me to ask me to stop talking about Adam Jensen in interviews and podcasts because they wanted people to focus on other things in the studio.

image of deus ex with a half-human, half-machine characterimage of deus ex with a half-human, half-machine character
Source: Eidos Montreal

Criticizing the industry, Toufexis confirmed that he was not in the Deus Ex game

Toufexis also confirmed that the most recent canceled Deus Ex game did not feature his participation and Eidos left him in the dark regarding the franchise's shelving. This raises questions surrounding the future of the series and a future continuation of Jensen's saga. Look here!

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