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In-depth updates ignite the Starfield community: are the mods coming?



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In depth updates ignite the Starfield community are the mods coming

Starfield players feel that the game is going to receive a major update soon after the game received several substantive updates in a short period of time.

In Starfield, players can travel the vast expanse of the universe and explore multiple planets. While a decent number of planets are inhabited, many are deserted.

At launch, the developers mentioned that Starfield would support mods, and just like Skyrim, the game would have its own Creation Kit.

Over the past few days, players have noticed that the game has received multiple updates in the background after the latest patch, leading them to believe that Starfield will soon receive the Creation Kit update.

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Starfield player discovers background updates that ignite the community

On Reddit, player OkPain2022 shared his discovery with the Starfield community. He was curious as to why the game received 20 substantive updates since the last major patch.

One player simply stated: “ Creation kit “. Another responded to this comment: “ I doubt it but I admit, I also hope it's the CK “.

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For context, the Creation Kit is a set of software for Starfield that will allow players to easily create mods. In addition, this kit also allows the arrival of mods on consoles.

The developers are testing an unknown app for Starfield, as reported on the Steam.db page. Although there isn't much information on this, so there is a chance that it could be the Creation Kit itself.

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One player worried: “ If so, that's not a good sign. Elminster (dev xedit) said they needed time to fix the archive architecture for long term mod support. In other words, the sooner they release the CK, the more likely it is that they haven't fixed anything “.

Another fan replied to the comment and said: “ Interesting to hear he said that. This fits with my idea that it was rushed to market because Creation Engine 2 and Covid-19 took too long to develop. “.

As of now, there is no estimated arrival date for the Starfield Creation Kit update. However, once it becomes available, console players will also be able to enjoy the modded experience of this space RPG. All we have to do now is wait.

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