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In first person, Terror Mansion is available for PS5



Developer Domynyo launched Terror Mansion for PS5 and PC this weekend. The first-person horror title combines survival mechanics with escape room, testing players' limits in an ever-changing house.

In a mansion full of secrets, it will be necessary to find the origin of a great evil. To this end, dark rooms, floating objects and strange apparitions will disrupt a journey that will test the limits of the protagonist's sanity.

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Watch the Terror Mansion trailer below, which shows more details about the gameplay, the various rooms in the residence and some supernatural anomalies that will await the new guests:

Face your fears and escape from the horror mansion.

The title can be purchased for R$79.90 on the PS Store.

Learn more about Terror Mansion

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PlayStation store:

Terror Mansion is an exciting first-person horror game that takes you to a scary mansion. Your main objective is to escape the infested Mansion, finding objects and challenging puzzles while exploring incredible scenarios.

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