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In what order to watch Haikyu!! ? Anime, OVA and films



Haikyu!! found its audience from its first episodes, but the anime was not content with just a few seasons: we help you find your way between the different episodes, OAVs and films.


It was in 2014 that Haikyu!! began its broadcast on the small screen, and spectators quickly took a liking to the characters and the story of the anime, carried by expert animation. Building on its success, the adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s manga was renewed for different seasons, and even went so far as to make a web with the feature film Haikyu!! The trash warreleased on June 12, 2024 in cinemas.




We follow Shôyô Hinata, a high school student with volleyball dreams as big as his size is small. But far from letting himself be discouraged by remarks or refusals, the hero manages to follow in the footsteps of a legendary player who preceded him, nicknamed the “Little Giant”, and succeeds in proving that he is perfectly capable of surpassing his adversaries, even the greatest.

While the film Haikyu!! The trash war has started its screenings in French theaters, spectators may need to (re)discover the rest of the anime. And to help you get your bearings, we’ll explain the optimal viewing order for Haikyu!!


In total, the manga adaptation has four seasons and a film. It is advisable to start with the anime and end on Haikyu!! The trash warin cinemas since June 12, 2024 in France.

shoyo hinata in haikyu

Here is the complete recap of the different episodes, OAV and film of Haikyu!! :

  • Haikyu!! – Season 1, 25 episodes
  • OVA 1: “Lev Genzan!
  • Haikyu!! – Season 2, Episodes 1 to 3
  • OVA 2: “VS. Failed grades” (Or “VS. Akaten“)
  • Haikyu!! – Season 2, Episodes 4 to 25
  • Haikyu!! – Season 3, 10 episodes
  • Haikyu!! LAND VS. AIR – OAV in two parts: “Earth vs Sky” Then “The trajectory of the ball
  • Haikyu!! – Season 4 “To the Top” (season of 25 episodes, in two parts)
  • Haikyu!! The trash war – movie

Haikyu!! – Season 1

The first season of Haikyu!! allows us to introduce Shôyô Hinata and Tobio Kageyama, who will be the two main characters of the series.

shoyo hinata and tobio kageyama in haikyu anime!!

We discover Hinata’s dream despite her size being considered too small to compete in volleyball. Which doesn’t stop the boy, who wants to follow in the footsteps of the Little Giant and also participate in a national tournament – ​​and win it, at that.



The first season has 25 episodes in total and adapts two arcs from the manga Haikyu!!, namely that of the training of the Karasuno team and that of the Interhigh. It also allows us to present other characters who will be important throughout the series, such as Oikawa, Kenma or Aone.

OVA 1: “Lev Haiba!

First OVA of the anime, “Lev Haiba!” (Or “Lev Genzan!“) is located chronologically between seasons 1 and 2 of Haikyu!!but is not an adaptation of the manga.

lev haiba in haikyu anime

It focuses more on the members of Team Nekoma than those of Karasuno, and was broadcast during the Shueisha Jump Festa in 2014. The episode was later made available in a limited edition DVDs.

The story focuses on the Nekoma team as they welcome a new member: Russian student and extremely tall Lev, who aspires to become an ace. The episode does not contain anything crucial, the OAV is not essential to understand the rest of the series.


Haikyu!! – Season 2, Episodes 1 to 3

Season 2 of Haikyu!! picks up exactly where the first one left off. After their appearance at the Interhigh tournament, the Karasuno players are preparing to go to a training camp in Tokyo.

But a new obstacle will stand in their way: the academic results of certain members of their team. Because to have the right to go to camp, high school students’ grades must be good, which is not a given for everyone.


OVA 2: “VS. Failed grades” (Or “VS. Akaten“)

shinomiya and tsukishima from team karasuno in the haikyu anime!!

Before continuing on season 2 of Haikyu!!it is possible to take a break directly after episode 3 to watch the new OAV “VS. Akaten“, also unveiled on the occasion of Jump Festa, this time in 2015, and then found in a limited DVD edition.

Spectators discover how the students of the Karasuno team manage to increase their average, using unconventional means. The escapades of the most turbulent and the exasperation of the others are a treat to watch, but do not add anything particular to the story: skipping past will therefore not impact your experience on Haikyu!!


Haikyu!! – Season 2, Episodes 4 to 25

Hinata and Kageyama will do their best to perfect their duet and tense strike in the rest of season 2 of Haikyu!!during the training camp.


This season 2 also has 25 episodes, and covers the Tokyo arc and most of the qualifiers for the spring tournament. Once again, Karasuno’s team will be able to face other exciting characters in thrilling matches.

Haikyu!! – Season 3

Season 3 breaks the anime codes, focusing on a single match: that of the playoff final for the national spring tournament.

ushijima wakatoshi in haikyu anime!!

Which also explains the 10 episodes of the season, where the others always have 25. But this chapter is no less intense, since our heroes find themselves facing one of the most powerful teams in Japan. Not to mention that victory means qualification for the spring national tournament!

It is also during this match that the anime slightly abandons the devastating duo of Kageyama and Hinata to give pride of place to other characters, notably putting more emphasis on Kei Tsukishima who will prove himself exemplary against the formidable players of Shiratori Zawa.


Haikyu!! LAND VS. AIR – OVA in two parts

LAND VS. AIR brings together two OAVs: “Earth vs Sky” And “The trajectory of the ball“.

It focuses on the specialties of players, who generally enjoy either attacks in the air or landings on the ground. Far from being essential to follow the rest of the series, this duo of episodes will however offer you new scenes with players from teams other than Karasuno.


Haikyu!! – Season 4 “To the Top

Season 4 of Haikyu!! shows the aftermath of the match against Shiratori Zawa, and the Karasuno team’s efforts to prepare for the national tournament.

angry shoyo hinata in haikyu anime

While Kei Tsukishima was recruited for a training camp aimed at raising the level of Japan’s next generations, Tobio Kageyama hit the jackpot and is registered for a much more serious camp: that of the Youth of Japan, which allows train potential future national team players. As for Hinata, jealous of not having been noticed like his comrades, he will join Tsukishima’s training sessions, even if it means playing ball boy.

The first part of season 4 has 13 episodes and ends before Karasuno’s match against Inarizaki. The confrontation is then shown in detail in the second part, which has 12 episodes.


Haikyu!! The trash war

haikyuu!!  movie poster

The new movie, Haikyu!! The trash warfollows Karasuno’s journey after the victory against Inarizaki in season 4.

It is an opportunity for the heroes to honor a long-standing promise, by facing the players of the Nekoma team in an official tournament. Released on June 12, 2024 in French theaters, it does not yet have a streaming date at this stage.




Haikyu!! Final – Part 2

haikyu!!  final visual

Haikyu!! The trash war is actually the first part of the finale of the anime adaptation, so you will have to discover the rest in part 2, also in feature film form.

Already announced, the film will offer the continuation of the national spring tournament. Karasuno’s next match has already been teased in the post-credits scene of The trash war – but we won’t say more here to avoid spoiling the rest of the anime.

Where to watch anime Haikyu!! in streaming ?

All episodes of Haikyu!! are available on Crunchyroll, which is also in charge of distributing the film The trash warin theaters since June 12, 2024.


Thus, the feature film will also be available to watch on the streaming platform once its cinema run is over. However, no date has yet been announced at this stage to find it on the small screen.


The OAVs of LAND VS. AIR are also available on Crunchyroll, but not the others.

And if Haikyu!! is not enough for you, you can also consult the list of anime released this month in streaming, or see our top 15 new releases for summer 2024 not to be missed.

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