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Infinite Inside will have PS VR2 version on July 12th



Maze Theory has announced that its augmented reality puzzle game Infinite Inside will arrive on July 12th on PS VR2, Pico, Meta Quest 3, PC VR and Apple Vision Pro. The title will be available on all major VR platforms after leaving the early access.

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According to a cinematic trailer, the game will support the core tracking features of the PS5 headset. Furthermore, it will tell the story of a secret society, responsible for maintaining the balance between chaos and order in a mystical world.

“The game has broad creative appeal for curious people and problem solvers, technology enthusiasts, and fans of adventure and puzzle games. It’s pure escapism and offers high-quality graphical environments and authentic, intuitive interaction,” comments Maze Theory CEO Ian Hambleton (via Push Square).

Watch the Infinite Inside trailer below:

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Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

When the enigmatic ancient artifact known as the ‘Plinth’ mysteriously materializes in your home, it opens a portal to a tranquil, dreamlike world filled with impossible architecture and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

Guided by the echoes of explorers past, you will collect fragments, solve three-dimensional puzzles and assemble keys to unlock the mysteries of a secret society committed to maintaining the balance between Order and Chaos.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike other platforms, PS VR2 does not have native support for mixed reality. Therefore, it is still unclear how Infinite Inside’s gameplay will work on the Sony accessory.

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