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Installment payments on the PS Store arrived on the web browser



In Brazil, it was already possible to take advantage of the installment function on the PS Store to purchase games and add-ons a few days ago, but until then, this feature was limited to the PS App. Now, when accessing the web browser, the Installment Plan also is being presented to the brand’s consumers.

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To access this facility, simply have a credit card registered with PSN, add the game or product you want to the shopping cart, and proceed to payment. There, the “Installment Plan” option, with options of up to 4 interest-free installments, will be presented.

Check out the image below how Installments on the PS Store were presented when we released the Deluxe edition of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero in cart and payment options. Note that there is a balance in the portfolio and it influences the final value of the installments.

Installments on the PS StoreInstallments on the PS Store
(Source: PS Store in web browser)

How does installment payment work on the PS Store?

We have not yet identified whether there is a minimum order limit to access installments on the PS Store, however, here is some information:

  • PS Plus cannot be paid in installments — PlayStation Plus has monthly and quarterly plans available and the annual subscription does not provide this option for consumers;
  • It’s interest free! — PlayStation is not charging interest when offering this advantage to players. It’s up to 4x without any additional values;
  • Apparently, the function only exists in Brazil — If your account is from another region, you may not be able to access installments on the PS Store.

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