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Invincible: how many seasons of the series are there on Prime Video?



Invincible is back on our screens: how many seasons are there in the Prime Video animated series, and how many are in preparation?

Invincible adapts the comics of the same name, and author Robert Kirkman himself rolled up his sleeves, becoming showrunner on the Prime Video episodes. Launched for the first time in 2021 after complicated production, the series – initially thought of as a film – won over the public and obtained the green light for a sequel.


The adventures of Mark Grayson, a high school student who discovers his powers at the same time as the real superhero identity of his father Omni-Man, had indeed won over spectators. Not for the values ​​transmitted by the vigilantes, but above all for the raw and gory tone that the story invented by Kirkman brought to the superheroic landscape, then flooded with Marvel and DC blockbusters.

Once season 2 was announced, however, we had to wait a while. Without forgetting the break between the two parties, which did not fail to create frustration among the fans. And after this new chapter, are there other seasons planned?


How many seasons are there in the series Invincible on Prime Video?

To date, there are two seasons ofInvincible. However, showrunner Robert Kirkman estimates that there could easily be up to 7 or 8 seasons, eventually.

mark grayson invincible season 2 screen

Indeed, given the immediate success of the first episodes, Prime Video gave the green light for seasons 2 and 3. And if the second took a long time to land on the streaming platform, the third should arrive much more quickly .

In an interview for Polygon, when the showrunner was asked about the number of seasons that might be necessary to tell the entire story of the comics, the showrunner was generous: “I try not to stop at a number, because it's always subject to change. I think the range of seven to eight seasons would be sufficient.”


It is good to note that the comics are made up of 144 issues, divided into 25 volumes, which represents enormous potential for the series. Invincible on Prime Video. However, since the first season had fun mixing the plots of the comics, it becomes difficult to accurately compare the two mediums.

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