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Invincible: when is episode 6 of season 2 released?



The superheroes made their return after long months of absence in part 2, and things have already gone wrong: when will episode 6 of season 2 be released?Invincible ?

The animated series excels in the art of creating emotions among its fans. The long-awaited return of Mark Grayson created the hype, yet the cut in season 2 ofInvincible also frustrated many viewers. But according to the words of Robert Kirkman, author of the comics and showrunner on the Prime Video production, this break was necessary.

And it must be recognized that the creator did not lie when announcing that spectators would be shocked again by the events. Episode 5 of season 2 has finally been released, and if it started quietly, it will not have failed to leave many fans stunned by the tragedies that punctuated its conclusion.

Faced with such cliffhangers, the question arises almost immediately: when will episode 6 of season 2 ofInvincible ?

Invincible Season 2: release date and time for episode 6

Episode 6 of season 2Invincible will be released on March 21, 2024. It will be available on Prime Video from 2 a.m., i.e. on the night of Wednesday March 20 to Thursday March 21.

Part 2 ofInvincible was busy making things happen: the end of this first episode cleaned up the various teams of the Guardians of the Globe. In a sort of reminder with the pilot of the series, the group of vigilantes from Earth, who we saw trained and ready to brave danger, were no match for adversaries who were nevertheless presented as unimpressive.

The weak sequids from space grew to create an entity far too difficult to face, while the lizards from the depths of the Earth quickly defeated the heroes remaining at the Guardian base. Without forgetting the Viltrumites who are biding their time to enslave new populations, including humans…

But the future of our protagonists is perhaps not so dark: because Allen the Alien has made his comeback, and is in better shape than ever. See you on March 21 to find the heroes ofInvincible. If there is any left…

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