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invocation materials become the target of criticism



Many Diablo IV players believe that summoning materials, which can be obtained through different activities, should be permanently removed from the game. After a post went viral on Reddit, a number of internet users want to see Blizzard leave things the way they used to be.

They suggest that late-game bosses must be defeated repeatedly to obtain items, similar to the Diablo II mechanic without the need for summoning materials.

Duriel in Diablo IV - clawed and burly monster with a ripped bellyDuriel in Diablo IV - clawed and burly monster with a ripped belly

After unlocking World Tier 3 and 4 in the game, players will collect items including Shards of Agony, Mucus-Slick Eggs, and Living Steel to summon end-game bosses. These summoning materials are obtained from the Tree of Whispers, World Bosses, Tortured Gifts in Helltides, and high-level nightmare dungeons.

For this reason, certain bosses are closely linked to the summoning materials system. Echo of Varshan, Beast in Ice, Duriel, Grigiore and Lord Zir would be some of them. A fan of Diablo 4, known on Reddit as hanckerchiff, even thinks that this measure would put an end to the trading of duplicates for real money in the RPG.

Do you agree with the opinion of Internet users?

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