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Is Marvel’s Venom real? Character’s voice actor suggests yes



Remember when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had barely come out and Tony Todd, Venom’s voice actor, talked too much about his work involving the villain? He appeared again suggesting a “new, unannounced project”. Could this be a clue to Marvel’s Venom?

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In November 2023Todd said during an interview with Fan Expo San Francisco that only 10% of his recorded dialogue had appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. At the time, the Insomniac leaks had not yet occurred, so this statement did not have a greater context for us to discuss a possible DLC.

After that, the PlayStation studio suffered a cyber attack and various information about projects not revealed by the developer ended up being released. Between them there was a supposed Marvel’s Venom, a title along the lines of Miles Morales, with a shorter AAA duration and which would serve as a bridge to Spider-Man 3.

Now, Todd released a clue on X citing Yuri Lowenthal, Peter Parker’s voice actor. A birthday message for your professional partner mentions their participation in two large projects. It turns out that, officially, we know that the two only worked on Spider-Man 2. The other, apparently, is something unannounced.

Happy birthday, Yuri Lowenthal. Two major projects done and counting. I can’t wait to toast with a good whiskey.

Is Marvel’s Venom coming? It is worth noting that this could be another unannounced game (or even a project outside of games) where the two are working together and does not necessarily have to do with the Spider-Man franchise. However, the expectation, it seems, has already been created.

In addition to Marvel’s Venom, Insomniac would be preparing other major projects

Marvel’s Venom, the supposed name of Insomniac’s Spider-Man spin-off, is just one of the studio’s possible big releases that appeared after the cyber attack suffered by the studio. Stay up to date here!

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