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Is Rise of the Ronin multiplayer or cooperative?



Wondering if Team Ninja's new game, Rise of the Ronin, will feature multiplayer or not? So here's everything you need to know.

Team Ninja returns with a new action game called Rise of the Ronin, following their huge success with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The developers return to Japan during the Bakumatsu period, where you will play as a rebellious samurai, also known as Ronin.

Unlike previous Team Ninja games like Nioh and Wo Long, Rise of the Ronin is an open-world game focused on exploration and strategy.

This is why many players wonder if it is possible to play cooperatively to explore the lands with a friend.

Here is everything you need to know about a possible multiplayer cooperative mode in Rise of the Ronin.

Combat Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin allows co-op play.

Is there multiplayer co-op in Rise of the Ronin?

Yes, you can play Rise of the Ronin in multiplayer co-op mode as well as solo. Keep in mind, however, that online play is optional in the game and will only be possible if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Team Ninja has already mentioned the requirements for playing cooperative multiplayer on Rise of the Ronin. The game supports up to 3 players with a PlayStation Plus subscriptionallowing them to defeat enemies together in the vast open world at the same time.

However, since multiplayer in Rise of the Ronin is optional and the game is primarily focused on single-player, there is no room for PvP, unlike other popular soulslikes like Elden Ring and Lords of the Fallen.

While Team Ninja has yet to reveal the exact nature of the multiplayer experience, you can expect something similar to what was offered in Nioh and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

And that's everything you need to know about cooperative multiplayer in Rise of the Ronin.

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