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Is there a post-credits scene at the end of Dune 2?



Dune: Part Two has finally arrived on the big screen, and theaters have never been so full. But do you have to stay in your seat until the end of the credits for a final scene?

Great directors have broken their teeth over the sandworms from Frank Herbert's book, and the idea that Dune was unadaptable has long been the consensus. Until Denis Villeneuve arrived and embarked on the adventure, supported by a budget allowing him to divide the story into two parts.

The first was a box office event, and the second has just begun showing in theaters around the world. The action-packed sequel draws viewers into theaters, and keeps them there throughout its nearly three hours. And as the credits begin to roll, some may wonder if we should expect a post-credits scene.

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Is there a post-credits scene in Dune 2 ?

Dune: Part Two does not have a post-credits scene.

timothy chalamet (paul atreides) part two2023 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The director did not want to add one at the end of the first Duneand did the same for Dune 2. If the Marvel franchises have been able to accustom the public to bonuses after the main story in blockbusters, Denis Villeneuve has never really followed the trend.

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However, if the conclusion of Dune: Part Two surprised you, it's for good reason. Because the director has already explained that he wants to return to film the universe of Arrakis in a third part, which will adapt The Messiah of Dune by Frank Herbert.

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As for the release of this third feature film, nothing is really certain at this stage. Denis Villeneuve declared that he needed a break to avoid indigestion, while specifying that the writing of Dune 3 was almost finished.

Waiting for, Dune: Part Two has been in theaters since February 28, 2024.

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