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Is there bread on PS4? Discover Bakery Simulator!



You've probably seen simulators of almost everything on PlayStation, right? Taxi, bus, laundry and so on. Well, Bakery Simulator wants to invite you to discover the routine of a bakery. Gaming Factory announced, this Friday (15), the arrival of the title on PS4 with a trailer.

“Learn the secrets of the pastry chef profession. Study real recipes and discover how to bake bread, donuts and much more! Deliver your baked goods, invest money and become the best in your profession,” says the company.


Check out the video below:


Bakery Simulator is now available on the PS Store, for R$89.90. The game only has a PS4 version, but runs on PS5 with backwards compatibility.

More about Bakery Simulator

Check out the official description of the game on its page on the PlayStation online store:


Get up before dawn and see what it's like to be a baker! Learn how to bake different types of bread. Use realistic bakery machines. Deliver orders to stores, earn and invest. Use original recipes or experiment with ingredients.

In Bakery Simulator, every recipe is inspired by real ones! Check out the cookbook, use a database of original recipes, and learn how to bake several dozen types of bread, loaves, and more. Be exact – otherwise your goods will not bake correctly.


Choose your target. Stores need different types of cooked products. Bread and rolls are not enough – some expect croissants, bagels or muffins. Browse daily order lists, choose them and commit to regular deliveries. Increase your reputation and trust with stores by making deliveries on time.

So, ready to bake some bread?

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