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Italian coach did not ban PS5 for his athletes at the European Championship



Italy’s players suffered a “little pressure” from coach Luciano Spalletti through recent statements to the media. Apparently, players were spending a lot of time having fun on the PS5 and this was publicly criticized. However, the manager decided to alleviate the situation by just asking for a “limit”.

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After beating Albania 2-1 in the group stage of UEFA Euro 2024 on Saturday (15), Spalleti took advantage of the space at the press conference to talk a little more about the subject:

I have nothing against any kind of gaming – we created a games room where there are two PlayStations in there. Everyone goes there, I’ve tried it myself. But they can do it at the right time of day. I don’t think it’s acceptable for them to stay up until 3am or 4am, you need to sleep at night. We need to convey a correct lifestyle during matches. It’s not fair and it’s not true that I said we can’t play PlayStation. I said we can’t stay up until 3am or 4am – that’s different.

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma also defended the coach’s position, explaining that everyone has fun on the PS5, but moderation is important:


After dinner we spent time together in the games room, we let loose a little there and it created a good team spirit. We laugh; we spent a few hours together. No problem there, the coach gave us some tips and advice, but there are no strict rules by any means.

Thanks to PS5? Italy’s winning goal was worthy of a video game

As highlighted by the UK’s Daily Mail portal, many EA FC fans reacted to Italy’s goal after a corner kick, noting similarities with a play often used in Ultimate Team mode.

The glitch:


The corner kick tactic:



Italy is killing me with these corners straight from FIFA.


Italy using the corner glitch a lot. Goal rats.

Is playing PS5 good for the team?

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