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Jak and Daxter port for PS4 and PS5 will go platinum



A port of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier arrives, this Tuesday (19), in the PSN classics catalog. And for trophy hunters, he brings great news: we will have platinum!

The PSN Profiles website showed the achievements listed for the game, and the objective completed when completing 100% of the game is there, called Frontier Discovered. In addition, there are 38 more trophies to win. They involve minigames, weapon upgrades, defeating enemy types, and more.

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This is an action by Sony that has been highly praised by the community, as trophies are an important part of the experience for many players. Adding the component, famous in more recent generations, to classic games is very well received by fans.

More about Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier is the sixth game in the series starring the duo. It marks a “return to basics”, prioritizing platform style over action. Furthermore, it was the second time that this famous PlayStation 2 duo was adapted for the PSP. The game maintains traditional elements, the scenarios are varied and the controls are simple and intuitive.

In The Lost Frontier, the player follows Jak, Daxter and Keira during a time when the world's ecological supply is running low. To search for the cause, they travel to what is known as the Brink, the edge of the world that the Precursors did not finish. Jak must battle the Sky Pirates as he fights to control his ecological powers.

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