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Jar Jar Binks in MW3? A mysterious photo makes players react



A recent post from Ahmed Best, the actor behind Jar Jar Binks, has sparked a lot of debate within the MW3 community who are now calling for the Star Wars character to be added to the game.

MW3 does not hesitate to opt for daring collaborations, such as the recent appearance of Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead. This pushes the community to constantly imagine new crossovers and characters they would like to play.

And recently, following a post from Ahmed Best, MW3 fans are now hoping to get a Jar Jar Binks skin in the near future.

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MW3 players are asking for a Jar Jar Binks skin

The speculation began when Ahmed Best, who played the character Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Episode 1, posted a photo of himself in a motion capture suit on Instagram, along with the caption: “Just when I thought I was done, they pull me back in.

His post also mentions Star Wars and Activision, which caught the attention of many insightful fans.

This has now spread to the MW3 subreddit, where one fan asks: “Are we going to get a Jar Jar Binks operator?

Of course, many users point out that the most likely answer is for Activision to make a Star Wars game, rather than integrating elements of the saga into an established franchise. But that doesn't stop them from speculating.

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Honestly, I'm all for a Star Wars crossover, it seems like the time.” Others have fun imagining many lines from the game spoken in Jar Jar’s infamous voice: “’Meesa Recharge!'”Or, as one user puts it: “Throw a booma!

Another player took the time to mention how he'd like to see a Star Wars game play, mentioning the mechanics of CoD: “A Star Wars game with CoD mechanics would be a lot of fun.

While this is all just speculation without much substance, the community is still having fun with this idea.

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