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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263: Release Date and Potential Spoilers



Hostilities are launched between Yuta and Sukuna: release date and time, potential spoilers, we tell you everything we know about chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

The fight between the King of Scourges and the new Satoru Gojo inhabited by Yuta Okkotsu has been long awaited… but has only just begun. Because chapter 262 of Jujutsu Kaisen is as intense as it is short: spanning only seven pages, it only launches the duel and presents the strategies of the two adversaries, without revealing the results, despite the announcement of the climax of the arc of the Battle of Shinjuku.

The author Gege Akutami apologized for the short duration of this chapter, and also explained that he would not be able to release the sequel for a while. Because the mangaka fell ill and therefore took a longer break than usual. Release date and time, potential spoilers: we tell you everything you need to know about chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Chapter 263 Release Date and Time Jujutsu Kaisen

Chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen will be released on June 30 at 5 p.m. on the Manga Plus website. It will be available for free for at least four weeks on the site.

Such a delay in the publication of the manga is due to the health of the author, Gege Akutami having explained that he fell ill just before the release of chapter 262.

Potential Spoilers for Chapter 263 Jujutsu Kaisen

Chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen should continue to show the clash between Sukuna and Yuta, who can now use Gojo’s techniques.

Ironically, the young exorcist may be able to count on the sphere of Infinity, his powers will not remain activated indefinitely: because his ability to copy the different techniques of Kenjaku – to remain in the body of Satoru Gojo – and those of his former mentor only lasts a few minutes. He will therefore have to get rid of the king of plagues in a very short period of time, since the fate of the hero once the time has passed is still uncertain.

It is also possible that Yuji could also intervene: after all, before Yuta’s return, the protagonist managed to keep Sukuna at bay. Thanks to the support of other exorcists, he was also able to face the demonic altar more than once. It is therefore possible that his allies have planned a way to make him also participate in the meeting between Yuta and Sukuna.

Spoilers are available a few days before the official release of the chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen : We will update this space as soon as more information is shared.

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