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Kaiju No. 8 Episode 11: Release Date, First Images and Spoilers



Kafka’s double identity has been revealed: release date and time, first images and spoilers, we tell you everything we know about episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8.

The anime Kaiju No. 8 always approaches a little closer to its conclusion, and things gain more intensity each time. Faced with the air attack on the Tachikawa base, the 3rd unit fought with all its strength, but it was not enough: the enemy still had a way to blow up everything with a bomb composed of several creatures .

Aware of being the only one who could save his comrades, Kafka then decided to transform himself before the eyes of the Defense Forces. The hero, however, did not receive the deserved acclaim: being a kaiju, he was arrested. Release date and time, first images and spoilers: we tell you everything you need to know about episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8.

Episode 11 Release Date and Time Kaiju No. 8

Episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8 will be released on June 22 at 4 p.m. on Crunchyroll.

It will first be available live, before being broadcast from 4:30 p.m. in a subtitled version on the streaming platform.

On the other hand, the French version will not be released on the same day, breaking with the habits that the anime had adopted so far. You will therefore have to wait until July 6, 2024 to find episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8 in VF.

First images and spoilers from episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8

Episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8 will determine what future awaits Kafka in the Defense Force after he reveals himself to be a kaiju. The anime will thus enter the arc of “Kaiju No. 8 behind bars“.

The anime’s official website presents the sequel to Kaiju No. 8 with this summary: “Kafka, whose true identity as Kaiju #8 was finally revealed and captured, is transferred to the main facility by order of Isao Shinomiya, the director of the Japan Defense Forces. His dream of joining the ranks of the Defense Forces is dashed and he is consumed by the guilt of having betrayed his comrades. While the transfer takes place in a tense atmosphere, Mina, finding herself alone with Kafka, suddenly breaks the silence.

Wishing to maintain the existence of a numbered kaiju in their ranks, the Japanese Defense Forces will in fact decide to lock up Kaiju No. 8 at the Ariake base. During the transfer, however, Kafka will discover that no one in the 3rd unit blames him for his lies: he is still considered a member of the team despite his monstrous transformations.

But the spirit of camaraderie will not be enough to protect him from his next ordeal. Because to avoid being changed into a numbered weapon by the Defense Forces, he will have to do everything to prove that he is still a human. Fortunately for him, he will be able to count on the support of Kikoru Shinomiya, who will plead his case to his father Isao.

On the Tachikawa base side, the air raid will have serious consequences for the soldiers. As the 3rd unit can no longer provide training for recruits, they will be temporarily reassigned to other teams. If certain elements are reluctant to leave Commander Ashiro’s group, Reno Ichikawa will see it as an opportunity to continue to improve, unwittingly boosting the morale of the troops.

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