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Kar98k nerf in Warzone won’t be enough to change the meta according to players



After the developers confirmed that the Kar98k would receive a massive nerf in Warzonepopular content creator Metaphor has leaked the potential changes, but players believe it won’t solve the problem of the stagnant meta.

The fan-favorite rifle, which arrived with the Season 4 update, has completely dominated Warzone’s long-range meta, even outperforming several assault rifles and sniper rifles.

Following player complaints about this powerful sniper rifle, the SHG team confirmed via a Reddit response that, with the Season 4 Reloaded update, the Kar98k will receive a nerf. However, they did not share details of the changes.

Kar98k tactical rifle in MW3 shooting range

In his June 20 video, content creator Metaphor shared a leak regarding potential changes coming to the Kar. The rifle is expected to receive a nerf to its aim assist, damage to different body parts, bullet velocity and rate of fire.

The Kar98k has always been one of the most popular rifles in Call of Duty games. After sharing this information, players are worried that it won’t change the game’s stagnant meta: “I think he needs a slight nerf but I also think more importantly we need a lot more buffs.” expressed one player.

Another player noted, “It was fun but it became quite monotonous. Bring back the assault rifles.” Agreeing with this sentiment, a third user added “Really frustrating that they can’t see that other weapons need to be buffed/made fun to use.”

In light of the Kar98k nerf, players agreed that developers should buff other weapon categories, like assault rifles, to increase competitiveness in the meta, rather than simply nerfing the Kar98k. They believe this method of weapon balancing will always lead to a stagnant meta where every player uses “the same class.”

While these leaked changes have not been officially confirmed by the developers, it is expected that additional information regarding the Kar98k nerf will arrive with the Season 4 Reloaded patch notes on June 26.

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