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Kevin Costner returns in a western: fans' hilarious reactions to the trailer



The first trailer for Horizon: An American Saga has dropped, and social networks are flooded with strong and amusing opinions on the project of (and with) Kevin Costner.

When Kevin Costner announced he was leaving the iconic series Yellowstone, fans were perplexed. Why leave a program that works? A confusion that only increased when new information hit the web: the actor, producer and director actually intended to focus on something else.

Horizon: An American Saga is a project of the heart for the filmmaker, who decided to finally get started. The western epic will be divided into several parts, and the trailer made it possible to announce the first dates. So head to theaters this summer to discover what promises to be old-fashioned, but ambitious, westerns, supported by a quality cast.

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Fan reactions to the trailer for Horizon are hilarious

When the trailer for Horizon: An American Saga was released on February 26, fans were quick to take to social media to joke about the colossal scale of Kevin Costner's very expensive western quadrilogy.

Reactions generally range from excitement to doubt, but one stood out more than the others: fascination with the impressive images in Kevin Costner's films. Especially since the bet remains risky, as many fans have pointed out on X/Twitter : “All respect to Costner for being on one of the most popular shows and taking the leap to make four epic westerns that could totally destroy it. This is Coppola-level commitment.”

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Kevin Costner spending a decade creating capital and television credibility to spend it all on two nine-figure epic westerns, which will gross like $90 million at the box office, it's an absolute GOAT move, we love it see this.

Others alluded to the actor's unparalleled dedication to realizing his passion project, even going so far as to mortgage one of his properties.

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KEVIN COSTNER: Honey, I'm mortgaging the house and spending $20 million on a four-part post-Civil War western epic that's probably going to flop at the box office. KEVIN COSTNER'S WIFE: Kevin, I'll leave you if you do this. KEVIN COSTNER:

In fact, some Internet users did not fail to emphasize that the epic saga would probably only attract a very specific type of audience: “This Horizon saga is going to be like Avatar for those over 65. Kevin Costner = Jim Cameron for cable TV aficionados.”

Horizon: An American Saga is going to be the cinematic event of the year for fans.”

Finally, another wave of comments raised a very fair question: the saga Horizon by Kevin Costner will it offer adequate representation of Native Americans? For many Internet users, the published trailer does not smell good on this point.

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It will either be a success or the most racist film made since the death of John Wayne

The first two parts of Horizon: An American Saga will be released in theaters on June 28 and August 16 in the United States. Nothing has yet been specified at this stage for France, but the projections should follow the same schedule.

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