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Killer bean game, Killer Bean will come to consoles



In early access on Steam and one of the trailers that attracted the most attention at Summer Game Fest, Killer Bean, the famous “killer bean game” will, indeed, reach video games. So that’s it: you can celebrate, the game will not be restricted to computers.

As reported by Pure Xbox, the developers confirmed that “Console ports will be released upon completion of Early Access on Steam. For Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch”.

For those unfamiliar, here is the official description of the title:

“This is a first/third person roguelike shooter. Every time you start a new solo campaign, everything changes. Locations change, missions change, characters change, bosses change, and most of all, the story changes. Characters you trusted before may turn against you. Enemies that tried to kill you may end up helping you. Simple missions can turn into deadly traps. No campaign is the same as the other”.

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