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Kojima posts playing Death Stranding 2 and explains the process



Death Stranding 2: On The Beach won't come out until 2025, but it's already playable on PlayStation 5. Of course, it's still in an initial build and with several adjustments to be made, but the game's creator, Hideo Kojima, published on social media a photo showing him testing the game on the console.

The post is even funny, because the developer said that this is a time when he gives “detailed instructions” about just a few little things about the game.

Join the list: “I actually played from morning to night on the PlayStation. This is the phase where I give detailed instructions about controls, gameplay, direction, story, characters, settings, effects, lighting, colors, additional elements, ideas, details, sound, music, connections, composition, rhythm, difficulty and so on.”.

It's worth remembering that Death Stranding 2 will be called On the Beach, as rumors have already pointed out in recent weeks. The information was confirmed with a beautiful (and huge) trailer presented at State of Play last Wednesday (31) – and the game also has a window for its release: 2025.

Kojima comments on new trailer for Death Stranding 2

After its beautiful trailer, lasting almost ten minutes, presented at State of Play last Wednesday (31) – especially because, due to the time difference, Kojima-San had to wake up very early in Japan to watch the event and, Of course, he commented on it soon after. See here some of the executive's main publications on the X social network.

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