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Krimson will be released on March 21st for PS4 and PS5



Developer CryingPsycho has announced that platformer Krimson will launch on March 21 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Based on heavy metal, the game is a hellish adventure where a single mistake by the player results in death.

In the title, players take on the role of an unknown being, sent to hell with the difficult mission of conquering it. To do this, he needs to explore an ever-changing world, where all movements must follow the rhythm of the music.

Krimson promises to bring a challenging adventure with platforms, obstacles, dangers, objects and very restrictive rules. And despite the large number of checkpoints, the title will not give you peace of mind, as a single inattention will cause an irreversible error.

The devs recommend playing with headsets and classify the game as an “interactive industrial electronic techno dubstep metal album”. And it is this concept that the game is inspired by: blood-soaked scenarios, distorted sounds, brutal world and “brain-melting, eye-piercing” experience.

Watch the trailer below:

Learn more about Krimson

Read the game's description below, according to its official Steam page:

Krimson is a challenging and rough rhythmic platformer that features heavy metal electronic music. You are an unknown creation traversing a hellish world that moves rhythmically to the soundtrack.

One wrong move means the end, but checkpoints are frequent and death is all too brief.

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