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leak reveals Arlecchino's abilities



Another Pyro class character is on the way to Genshin Impact. And as usual… everything about her ended up being leaked ahead of time. HoYoverse is preparing Arlecchino for version 4.6 and her kit seems to be very powerful.

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The heroine will be very useful if your composition needs a champion focused on delivering high amounts of damage per second. Its fire powers promise to drain opponents' life bars quickly if applied correctly.

See Arlecchino's abilities in Genshin Impact:

  • Elemental Skill: Arlecchino launches an attack called Eclipsed Bloodfire, which deals Pyro damage to multiple nearby enemies. She moves forward to perform a slashing attack on a target, dealing AoE Pyro damage and applying an effect called Blood Debt.
  • Blood Debt: This effect lasts for 30 seconds and deals Pyro damage to an enemy every 3 seconds. Arlecchino can recover this effect using his Charged Attack, and for each stack recovered, a Life Lasso is applied, equivalent to 20% of his maximum Health.
  • Elemental Burst: Arlecchino summons the winds of Eclipsed Bloodfire, granting her a Life Lasso worth 15% of her maximum Health, and also deals AoE Pyro damage.
  • Normal Attack: When the effect of Arlecchino's Life Lasso is greater than or equal to 30% of her maximum Health, she receives a 40% increase in Pyro damage. Your Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks become infused with Pyro. During this state, Arlecchino's attacks increase damage dealt, which scales with the current percentage of his Life Lasso. Her unique Normal Attack strongly indicates that Arlecchino will be a new Pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact.

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