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Leaked hardware is real, and PS5 Pro arrives at the end of the year



This Friday morning (15) was marked by the leak of supposed technical hardware specifications for the PS5 Pro. But many people treated the matter with caution and disdain, after all, it came from a source that is not the most traditional – the Moore's channel YouTube's Law Is Dead. However, now the information has been confirmed by one of the most reliable industry insiders.

Journalist Tom Henderson, from the Insider Gaming website, stated that the data that appeared online is, in fact, true. Furthermore, he highlighted that Sony's idea is to launch the PS5 Pro during 2024, during the holiday season – something he has been indicating for some time.

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In case you didn't read earlier, the console's GPU would have a 16-bit floating compute point of 67 TFLOPs. This means that computing performance would reach somewhere around 33.5 teraflops at FP32. Check out the details below:

  • 33.5 teraflops
  • Raw rendering 45% faster than base PS5
  • 2x – 4x increase in Ray Tracing capacity
  • Customized architecture for Machine Learning
  • AI Accelerator: 300 TOPS, 8-bit calculation
  • PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling Technology

However, obviously, until PlayStation itself comments on the matter, we should treat it as a rumor.

AMD indicates AI upscaling technology in PS5 Pro

Statement by Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD, says that the PS5 Pro may have technology capable of upscaling resolution even more precisely and with higher quality. Check it out here!

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