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Legal framework for games is approved by the Senate committee



This Tuesday (27), the Senate Education Committee approved the proposal that aims to regulate the electronic games market in Brazil. With this, the text of the legal framework for games takes an important step and goes to the plenary for a vote.

The proposal, updated by senator Leila Barros (PDT-DF), aims to create tax incentives, regularize professions in the industry and recognize it as an economic activity, with a specific code by the IBGE. Furthermore, the sector will be included in programs aimed at cultural promotion.

The new text of the legal framework for games also provides that “fantasy games” are outside the regulations. As a result, there will be no practice related to online games that involve the creation of teams based on real sports competitions.

Furthermore, slot machines, games of chance and lottery types will not be considered games. According to Barros (via G1), the support also opens up possibilities for game development to be encouraged by the Audiovisual Law and the Rouanet Law.

The legal framework for games seeks to encourage and support the development of electronic games as an important activity for both technological innovation and the cultural sector, by aligning development activities with existing laws that offer support and incentives to research, development, innovation sectors and culture. This is an expansion and improvement to the measures provided for in the original PL.

Incentives, professionalization and security in the legal framework of games

The senator's opinion classifies the development of electronic games as technological research and innovation, allowing companies to take advantage of tax incentives from the Lei do Bem. This includes the possibility of deducting up to 80% of investments in game development from Income Tax and CSLL.

Other benefits reported by the text, such as a 50% reduction in IPI on machines, accelerated depreciation of equipment and inputs, can be applied following criteria from the Ministry of Science and Technology. This would also meet the demands of essential tools such as DevKits.

The proposed legal framework for games addresses the possibility of foreign companies deducting 70% of the tax on remittances abroad related to the exploration of electronic games in Brazil, encouraging investment in independent national electronic games.

Furthermore, she highlights that developers can benefit from the rules of the legal framework for startups and that games can be protected through patents. This would include professions related to MEI and small businesses, as well as groups involved in technical and higher education courses.

The legal framework for games also suggests the use of electronic games in education and therapy. This would boost plans to create mechanisms to protect the rights of children and adolescents, ensuring that the gaming environment does not promote violence, exploitation and discrimination.

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Finally, she highlights the adoption of reporting systems in games with interaction between players and mechanisms that ensure the consent of parents or guardians for transactions on platforms with in-game purchases.

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