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LEGO 2K Drive gets snow biome, racing and more



LEGO 2K Drive Update 5 is now available for all platforms and offers several new features. One of the new content is the Stargaze Summit biome that can be found in Bricklandia.

The region is characterized by snow that dominates the tracks and the location has seven new races, three challenges and nine On-The-Go events. Those who complete the area will receive exclusive rewards, such as drivers and a new category of items, called Special Flairs.

Stargaze Summit from LEGO 2K Drive.

Basically, new items can be added to vehicles to expand specific features. Some of them offer speed bosses and flamethrowers, while others give the option of alternative camera angles and collectible detectors.

In addition to the aforementioned new features, LEGO 2K Drive Update 5 also expanded the leader board, fixed a total of 18 bugs and promoted stability improvements.


LEGO 2K Drive studio affected by layoffs

Visual Concept, developer of LEGO 2K Drive, was another studio affected by layoffs in 2023. Reports indicate that the headquarters in Austin, Texas, in the United States, had terminated its contract with talents from the most diverse sectors. Know more!

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